Who’s Who


A camera is not very useful without someone to operate it, and traveling is not nearly so fun – or survivable – without friends to accompany you. So get to know the people behind the cameras and the friends and allies that help them along the way!


The Bloom Family



We are the Bloom family, and we are your photographers. Each and every member of the Bloom family holds a special reverence for the beauty of the galaxy around them and the magic of the cameras that can capture that beauty. Whether our allegiance lies with the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire, this love of natural beauty and photography unites us all.



The Trelos Family


Medical-ProbeThe Trelos family consists of many friends, partners and compatriots to the Blooms. While the members of the Trelos family aren’t much of photographers in their own sense, they appreciate and understand the Blooms’ need to pause and take pictures on their travels – and they often offer their services as models, glad to stop and strike a pose when the opportunity presents itself.