TOR-IconWhat is Travel Photography Through the Galaxy?


Travel Photography Through the Galaxy is a fansite for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The site focuses on my characters, the Bloom legacy, on Begeren Colony Server.


It’s All Because of a Camera


The digital deluxe edition of Star Wars: The Old Republic comes with the most awesome in-game item I have ever received in any MMO: an in-character camera. I’ve always been somewhat screenshot-happy in any game I play, and I’ve always loved a good bit of roleplay, so this was the perfect excuse to tie all my characters together through a love of photography. I took that excuse and ran with it, and haven’t stopped since.


I spend all together too much time in-game, fleshing out my characters and their personalities, relationships, storylines and goal. But what fun is it to keep your characters, stories and ideas to yourself? That’s where this site comes in. It gives me a place to showcase my characters and screenshots.


Ultimately, this is all done for my own amusement. But, as you look through my screenshots and get to know my characters and their friends, if you should happen to feel a building temptation to play a bit of SWTOR yourself – well, then, I suppose I’ve done a good job.


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