To See the Galaxy in All Its Beauty


AlderaanClipThe galaxy is a beautiful place. Dense jungles, lush forests, frigid ice plains, snow-capped mountains and even overgrown ruins and the battle-scarred remains of war-torn cities – there is great beauty in all of it. You just have to know how to look.


There’s a kinship in connecting with this beauty, as well – a sense of well-being and enlightenment. To look out over a majestic landscape is to allow some of that beauty into your soul. This is one aspect of the Force that is all too often overlooked, and yet is accessible to all who allow themselves to see.


And yet, so many people simply do not look. That is where we come in. While we cannot capture the pure grandeur of the galaxy in a simple image, we strive to bring attention to the beauty and wonder of every place we go through our photography. Our cameras are as essential to us as the lightsabers, blasters, rifles or vibroswords that protect us from our enemies and the starships that carry us to new worlds and new beauty.


Here, you can see the results of our labor – our attempts to collect the beauty of the galaxy in so many snapshots and pictures. We hope that you might explore with us and be as inspired by the beauty before our eyes as we are, every day.