StylusTabletWith Stylus and Tablet


I'll admit it: I'm a technophile. I love working on a computer. While I grew up with pencils and pens, crayons and paper, I switched over to computer graphics artwork as soon as I discovered drawing tablets.


And oh, how wonderful a tablet can be! I think the move to an electronic medium has improved my drawing drastically. Take a look around, and see if you agree!


MushroomFairyColor on Screen

Full-colored, completed CG art has a great look to it. This is my prefered kind of drawing. It takes a long time and practice to get it right, but I think the results are worth it!



Whether it's just a rather nice step on the way to a finished picture, or the end result in its own right, a crisp, clean lineart has a greatness all its  own.


DragnaCG Maps

A vibrant, colored map breathes life into an original world! It's both an invaluable tool for gaming and an artwork all on its own. And these maps are awfully fun to draw!


RobotSketches on Screen

Sometimes, I just want to do something extra-fast and simple. Sometimes, I lose interest or patience in a piece before it's finished. Find these drawings here.