PenPaperWith Pen and Paper


This is where it all began. What children don't start drawing as soon as they can pick up a crayon or pencil? I certainly did, and I haven't stopped, even to this day. Of course, I don't still have all my drawings – most aren't really worth displaying, anyway – but several can be found here.


Most of these are fairly old. I've taken to drawing much more on a computer than in physical media. But I still do traditional doodles from time to time, so here's where they'll go.  


PencilsPaperPencils on Paper 

A pencil. An eraser. Some paper. Such simple items are all that's needed to create a detailed, original drawing. These are the oldest tools in my artistic toolbox.


InkPaperInk on Paper

The crisp, clean lines of a well-inked drawing can really make the work stand out and give it a polished, finished look. It takes good-quality pens to get a good result.


ColorPaperColor on Paper

Black and white and shades of grey are all good and well, but color truly makes a drawing pop! Check here for my works with colored pencils, chalk pastels and other vibrant media.


MapsPaperMaps on Paper 

A well-drawn map is artwork in its own sense, but it also acts as a superb tool for gaming and world-building. Here are my maps, drawn with pencil on paper.



Idle hands are doodling hands. Here, you can find those stray doodles that I've scanned in and saved, as well as more ambitious drawings that I never quite finished.